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Perfect Deep Unbroken Sleep

Healthy sleep routine is essential for reaching your perfect weight. This Audio download re-programmes you to sleep perfectly through the night as you did as a child, your subconscious mind will reactivate and regenerate within you the perfect sleep habits that you were born so that you fall sleep easily and quickly and sleep right through until your required wake up time in the morning. You can also use this programme to sleep on planes or to take naps. (Value $49)

Increase Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

This will show you how to naturally generate a high self esteem and an inner confidence that radiates from you. (Value $49)


You might like to know that the root cause of all our problems including weight gain stems from believing we're not lovable enough. This wonderful lovability download is going to take you to the root of those problems and fix them for you. (Value $49)

Get these 3 special bonuses for only $147 $27