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“Marisa Peer.. changed my life!”

Rebecca Collins

Age: 32
Top weight: 163 lbs
Weight now: 130 lbs
Size now: 6 (US)


“I’ve loved chocolate for as long as I can remember and could never have imagined that my relationship with it was at all problematic. Maltesers were my favourite kind but I also loved Galaxy. Sometimes, I would eat a few squares of chocolate first thing in the morning – before I did anything else. And I never went anywhere without popping a packet of Maltesers into my handbag. My addiction was at its worst last summer I’d put on three stone and weighed 163 lb.

I was eating 6 or 7 bars on a bad day and I found that I got really moody if I hadn’t had my fix. I finally realized that my problem was serious. A friend suggested I try hypnosis so I went to see hypnotist Marisa Peer and in just an hour and a half, she changed my life. Marisa helped reprogram my brain so that I no longer associate chocolate with happiness. It was amazing. For the first time in my adult life, I didn’t feel like chocolate.

My friends even joked that because I was no longer eating chocolate, I was the reason Woolworths had gone bust. Now I feel indifferent to chocolate. It doesn’t disgust me but I just don’t want it. I’ve tested myself a few times, putting a few squares in my mouth, but I just spit it out. As a result, the weight has dropped off me and I’m now 130 lb and wear a size 6 (US).”

““I wanted to treat myself with respect.””

Anna Richardson

Age: 44
Top weight: 166 lbs
Weight now: 131 lbs
Size now: 6-8 (US)


Q: Tell us about your own experience with hypnotherapy?

Anna: "It was just extraordinary. Marisa began by explaining that she was going to regress me back to a time when I was a child which would connect me with my negative emotions around food. I went into quite a deep trance and I remember going back to a time when I was four years old. I was sitting in front of a massive plate of chips and beans with a glass of pop and feeling very upset. It turned out that my mum had been rushed off in the middle of the night because she was pregnant with my little brother and had to be hospitalised. She was kept in for about eight weeks. All I knew was that my Mummy suddenly wasn’t there any more. The only way my dad knew to cope was to feed me. So in my mind I formed an association that food equals love and that it will soothe me if I feel abandoned or lost. Once Marisa had identified that she brought me back to being an adult. While I was still in a trance she told me that I am good enough, I am better than that and I don’t need to use food to self-medicate."

Q: What happened after that?

Anna: " I didn’t know what to think afterwards as it was so bizarre, but the amazing thing was that within three to four months I lost 28 lbs. I suddenly found that I was driven to make the correct food choices. I didn’t want to eat rubbish any more. I wanted to treat myself with respect."

She was too embarrassed to even show her face


Top weight loss: 105 lbs

Jacqueline has been one of Marisa’s proudest success stories. After curing her cravings with the techniques in my books, she has continues to succeed shedding more and more weight. She’s lost seven and a half stone and kept it off for almost ten years. I’m incredibly proud of Jackie, she looks healthier and at least ten years younger than when I first met her.

From Facebook: “This is me after losing 3 stone. Oh my God I cannot believe this is me then went on to losing another 4.5. Found this today OMG!”

Incredible self esteem that is here to stay


Top weight loss: 98 lbs

“After nearly 2 decades of struggling with weight, Hannah finally found the answer with Marisa’s method.

“I can’t tell you how my self-esteem has changed and the best thing of all is, I know for a fact that the changes I have made to my diet and lifestyle are permanent, this is no fad, no diet, but a lifestyle change and the new me is here to stay!”

More energetic​ than ever!


Top weight loss: 14 lbs

“Two years ago I started overeating because I was unhappy at work. My only exercise was walking to the shops to buy junk food. I didn’t even try to diet as I knew I wouldn’t stick to it.

During my session with Marisa Peer, I felt so relaxed. I discovered how I comfort ate from an early age, which foods would benefit me and how to visualise my ideal size. I’ll never go back to my unhealthy ways, I’m more energetic and so happy with my body now.”

Bought a whole new wardrobe!


Top weight: 14 lbs
Size now: 6 - 8 (US)

“Once discovering why I had issues with food it was just a simple case of following the methods and they revealed such amazing results!

Six months ago I was size 14 top and 26 bottom. I was ready to shed that weight and change my life. I’ve never been happier – 49 lbs lighter, a size 6 top and 8 bottoms, a whole new wardrobe and still toning!”




Marisa's wonderful book made so much sense and was a delight to read, it was impossible not to change my eating habits and to ultimately shed 42lbs. I have recommended it to just about everyone I know. If I can do it - anyone can!

Jean Brown

Brilliant program. Both my husband and myself are using this. It's changed our way of thinking about food completely. Feel healthier than ever before and we've both lost7lbs (me in 2 weeks, husband 1 week) without feeling ANY hunger or cravings for rubbish food. I'm totally indifferent to chocolate/puddings/crisps etc but craving veg, fruit and healthy foods. The audios are helpful in reinforcing thoughts and feelings about relationship with food. We are finally liberated from so many food traps. Looking forward to being healthy and SLIM this summer. Wish id done this years ago. BUY IT!!!

S. Atkinson

I first saw a article about Marisa Peer, my husband actually saw it and suggested I should look her up, I did and between her book and web sites offering advice I successfully lost 42lbs, Her book makes sense, I then suggested It to my daughter who could see the results for herself but had been on various fad diets, she didn't believe it could work but is now the lowest weight she's been in years and feels fantastic I’m never hungry I feel fantastic .... You MUST give this book a go .... you won't regret it :)Its not a diet, Its a way of life .....

Elizabeth John

After 30 years of reading diet books this is the book that changed my life. I now eat healthily and have lost 28 pounds. Marisa Peer has an extraordinary insight into the way we behave and her nutritional information is enlightening and easy to understand. The chapters on portable food make all the difference between succeeding and failing as for every potential problem, Marisa gives a solution. Absolutely brilliant!

Angela Broxbourne